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Maintenance/Industrial Electrician

Installs, diagnoses and repairs electrical and electro-mechanical systems and apparatus, and electrical and electronic components of industrial machinery and equipment including PLC controllers, servo-hydraulic systems and production CNC machinery, following electrical code, manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints and other specifications using hand tools, power tools and electrical and electronic test equipment.


Job Duties:

  • Performs periodic maintenance and calibration on complex electrical and electromechanical systems.
  • Installs power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed machines and equipment, such as robots, conveyors and programmable controllers, following electrical code and blueprints, using hand tools and voltage tester.
  • Connects power supply wires to machines and equipment and connects cables and wires between machines and equipment, following manuals, schematic diagrams and blueprints, using hand tools and test equipment.
  • Diagnoses malfunctioning apparatus, such as transformers, motors, motor drives, electrical converters, using test equipment and replaces damaged or broken equipment, wires and cables, using hand tools.
  • Tests malfunctioning machinery, using test equipment and discusses malfunction with other maintenance workers, such as MACHINE REPAIRER, MAINTENANCE and TOOL MAKER, MAINTENANCE, to diagnose malfunction.
  • Replaces faulty electrical components of machine, such as relays, switches and motors, drives and positions sensing devices, using hand tools.
  • Diagnoses and repairs or replaces faulty electronic components, such as printed circuit boards.
  • May diagnose and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components of machines and equipment.
  • May be required to hold electrician’s license.Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Relevant industrial/educational certifications.
  • 5 to 10+ years experience required.
  • Strong knowledge of OSHA safety regulations and stay up-to-date on changes to safety policies.

Please email a copy of your resume outlining your experience.